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Website of a music recording artiste, minister, counselor and an educator. The website  tries to capture her life, work and ministries. Fully equipped with music and file download manager, download counter, show ticket purchase and appointment booking.

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Married Moments

Community website for married people to talking about, get solidarity for and seek advice concerning the issues the face in and as a result of their marriage.

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Charisma Integrated Connexion

Business website

Adenusi Patrick

Personal website of Adenusi Patrick, a personal and community security and safety advocate.

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Lagos Wholesale

An online wholesale store for household commodities, beverages and spices

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Crowning’s Afro Caribbean stores

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Kedari Charity Foundation

Website for a charity organisation, showing their project, publishing their newsletters and other publication, with a subscription system  and donation receiving portal.

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Moses Adelowokan Photography

Photography website with client access for proofing and corrections.

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Elegua Digital

Digital Agency website

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Nigerian Law School Alumni Association, Class of ’89

NLSCLASSOF89: Class website for the Class of 1989 of the Nigerian Law School.

The website was designed as a social network for classmates to socialize, collaborate and organize themselves in spite of where they might be across the global.

Home page has is all ; everything you might be needing to get around the website is here. Enriched slides, carousels of members, groups, discussions/forums, events, birthday app, custom searches, content, videos, notices, contact maps, inquiry forms and lots more, the website is a members only site with a few posts and pages open to the rest of the public.
Social shares that allow contents to be shared to the major social media sites.
Members only pages are well designed to ensure the most important pages/link are easy to find.

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My Personal Lawyer

Legal Documents and Services website. Here you can purchase pre-made legal documents, order a custom one or order a legal service.

With fully cart integration, this is the legal website of the future in Nigeria.

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FGC Azare 86

FGC Azare, Class of ’86

Class website for the Graduating Class of the year 1986 from the Federal Government College, Azare, Bauchi State.

FGC Azare ’86

The website was designed as a social network for classmates to socialize, collaborate and organize themselves in spite of where they might be across the global.


Home page has is all ; everything you might be needing to get around the website is here. Enriched slides, carousels of members, groups, discussions/forums, events, birthday app, custom searches, content, videos, notices, (more…)

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e-Commerce website with all the function of an online store. Functional, warm, beautiful and easy to use. Do stop to pick yourself some comfortable footwear.

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Nigerian Law School Class of 89

Social Networking site for 89 Nigerian Law School Set. Site was built on the Ning network at the request of the owners.

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CKM Missions

Missions site of the Christ Kingdom Mission

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Christ Kingdom Mission

A missionary website.

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Who says laws can’t be social, fun and “tech savvy”? A social networking website for Nigerian Association of Law Teachers. Fully integrated on the site are: social network features like Avatar, profile header, private messaging, forum, groups, social shares etc, payment module for donations and project funding, events module.

To ensure the project serves purpose, we made the site private with security features to keep out spammers, hackers and non members

Website is currently offline

Keystone Attorneys

On this project, we were careful to combine the conservative nature of the legal profession with aesthetics of graphics, letting pictures tell the story of what professionalism to expect from the clients.

Lead developer: Omotunde Oretade

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Ongoing project for the NGO Oil Gas Environment Forum.

The site comprises a homepage with slides leading to the articles of events featured on the Organisation’s news blog.

The scope to the work is simple, easy to access and warm. The idea is to retain the visitor’s interest long enough for them to receive the message of the NGO.

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CLF Alumni

An alumni association site with forum and all community features fully incorporated.

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Annie’s Place

Currently offline, Annie’s Place was one job that had me on my toes while the project lasted. We had sliders scrolling latest blog posts, tabs for different sections. See for yourself in the link below

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Abia kopa NYSC

Abia Kopa – NYSC project

Designed for NYSC Abia State, Abia Kopa was designed to help new corps members drafted to Abia settle in well and also be of informative assistance to everyone.

This here is my first ever web job that ever made it online… This NYSC project was started by the 2008 Batch A set president  the IT CDs. He couldn’t finish it due to some challenges, especially that of sponsors. So, he handed it over to me and I finished up by the time our set was passing out of the program.

NYSC Abia Project Breakdown

This project was done with html, css, javascripts, Adobe Flash.
Header & Main menu: (more…)

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Hmm… What’s there to say… So #MARVEL agreed to work on her cousin’s blog…

Why? The thought of “Designed by Marvelworx” being seen on his website, each time his thousands of followers hit the website was, and still is irresistible… See here


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Our Amazing Team

Passionate, hardworking, intelligent, awesome; that's our team

People who work tirelessly to give our clients the satisfactory results they require to move their brand to the next level. Men & Women on whose shoulders rest the task of making our a world class brand.


Front-End Developer, certified database administrator, Geomatics enthusiast and Researcher. Particularly interested in Map UI/UX. Techonology aficionado; in love with micro-controllers and contributor to www.thedatalane.com. Loves challenges and seeking home grown solutions to Nigeria’s technology shortfall

Falufosi Seyi Titilayo

Hi, my name is Falufosi Seyi Titilayo

Passionate, hardworking, intelligent and beautiful mother of an adorable young man. Though I am a communication consultant, I am also an aspiring farmer/farm owner, with the passion to making things add value wherever I find myself. I also have experience in web designs, software and hardware computer management are not unfamiliar grounds to me, I am a prolific writer with two Blogs under my name, and I also handle bilingual translation as the need arises.

I am comfortable working as an individual with little or no supervision and as a member of a team. I consider myself a creative person. I welcome constructive criticism and I am always looking for new opportunities to experience different types of work and to learn new skills. Over time, I have built the capacity to learn on my own especially by experimenting on new ideas or just trying to build on old ones.

One more thing; I love new challenges and I hunt for such.

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