Abia kopa NYSC

Abia Kopa – NYSC project

Designed for NYSC Abia State, Abia Kopa was designed to help new corps members drafted to Abia settle in well and also be of informative assistance to everyone.

This here is my first ever web job that ever made it online… This NYSC project was started by the 2008 Batch A set president  the IT CDs. He couldn’t finish it due to some challenges, especially that of sponsors. So, he handed it over to me and I finished up by the time our set was passing out of the program.

NYSC Abia Project Breakdown

This project was done with html, css, javascripts, Adobe Flash.
Header & Main menu:
Html and css were mainly used to achieve this. The menu were done such that you could have access to everywhere on the site with a maximum of 3 clicks, with the header leading you back to the home page at every click.
Content Areas:
Accordion layout were used to allow for more economic use to the page space, giving the user more content even in little spaces.
The sidebars were done such that one can get teasers of what other pages contain. So you can be sure of the user being entertained, informed and captivated, no matter their demographic configuration; be it age, education background, social interest. User is guaranteed to explore all the site has to offer before leaving.
The map:
Built in flash, the map shows all the local government areas of the state and the NYSC office address of each local government. This is to help new corps members find the nearest NYSC office to whatever location they are in the state.

I had more pages on it, but I lost my archive, and since it is no longer online, here is all you have. 

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