FGC Azare 86

FGC Azare, Class of ’86

Class website for the Graduating Class of the year 1986 from the Federal Government College, Azare, Bauchi State.

FGC Azare ’86

The website was designed as a social network for classmates to socialize, collaborate and organize themselves in spite of where they might be across the global.


Home page has is all ; everything you might be needing to get around the website is here. Enriched slides, carousels of members, groups, discussions/forums, events, birthday app, custom searches, content, videos, notices, contact maps, inquiry forms and lots more, the website is a members only site with a few posts and pages open to the rest of the public.
Social shares that allow contents to be shared to the major social media sites.
Members only pages are well designed to ensure the most important pages/link are easy to find.

Never Forgotten page that helps populated staffs and classmates who have passed on. It is designed with post grid.

MIA page for members from whom other classmates have not heard in a while. It also is designed with post grids